Laboratory of Museum Design and Planning (LMDP)

The Laboratory of Museum Design and Planning is aimed at promoting the use of modern, innovative processes in the realm of museum work - primarily focusing its services within the Russian Federation. The LMDP boasts an experienced and skilled staff specialists that employ both theoretical research and conceptual design in developing experimental projects in collaboration with client museum professionals.

Within long-term projects such as “The Museum in the 21st Century” and “The Future Museum”, LMDP continues to explore the theoretical and methodical concepts behind innovation in museum operations. The Laboratory works upon request from a wide range of partners that include state authorities, public and private museums, as well as NGOs across Russia.

Recent partnership projects include

And regular collaborations with national institutions such as the Russian Museum and the Moscow Kremlin Museum.

LMDP develops

  • Theoretical models and innovative activities for developing museum institutions;
  • Regional programs for museum development and support
  • Institutional and economic development strategies for museum management
  • Concept designs for museum institutions and public educational complexes
  • Concept and scenario design of expositions and exhibitions
  • Programmes of collaboration between museums, schools, and other partners in educational cultural activities

The Laboratory carries out research and consultations in order to reflect the actual conditions facing client museums – including all social-cultural, institutional, and economical factors necessary for future development.

The Laboratory provides also consulting in the full range of museum related technologies – including expositions, pedagogical learning, psychology, museum management, and marketing.

LMDP publishes

  • Collective and individual monographs on the theory and practice of museum studies;
  • Articles on museum studies
  • Textbooks on museum design and planning
  • Concepts of different kinds (museum, exhibitions, regional)
  • Methodological materials
  • Reference and guide-books

LMDP provides

Research and methodological supervision of dissertations, diplomas, and work projects within museums and other institutions at varying levels:

  • Course for Advance Qualification
  • Master Degree
  • PhD Degree
  • Project and Analytical Seminars

LMDP delivers

  • Lecture courses in the regions
  • Project seminars on issues of museum innovation

LMDP initiates and accomplishes

Museum projects using new information technologies and New Media:

  • Web-sites electronic expositions
  • Educational systems and
  • Electronic expositions
  • The e-publication “Museum Pro”

LMDP staff

  • Prof. Dr. Alexey Lebedev, Head
  • Dr. Vladimir Dukelsky
  • Dr Valeria Lobanova
  • Anastasia Korneeva

For further information, please, contact:
Address: 115054, Moscow, Malaya Pionerskaya st., 12
Tel: +7 (495) 772-95-90 # 22-589

Contact person:
Anastasia Korneeva